Kempfer Cattle Company




6254 Kempfer Road
St. Cloud, FL 34773


Breeds Utilized


Brahman, Angus, Shorthorn, and Charolais


Shipping Dates


Mid-July through Mid-August














Ranch History and General Information


Kempfer Cattle Company is a 25000 acre family owned and operated ranch located in Deer Park, Florida. In the ranching business since 1898, the 6th generation is now growing up and helping to work the ranch. While purebred Brahmans and commercial cattle are the primary focus, the family has diversified into several different ventures , including a sod company specializing in Bahia and Floratam, a sawmill with Cypress and Pine timber operations, and a ranch located in Macon, MS for our replacement heifer development program.


Kempfer Cattle Company has raised commercial cattle for over 100 years and purebred Brahmans since 1978. We feel that our Brahman herd is unique in comparison to other Brahman herds due to our strict culling criteria. Our cattle are selected for fertility, fleshing ability on low quality forage, capacity, excellent udder quality, and gentle disposition with strong emphasis on carcass traits.


Producing beef is our business and we feel all of these traits are important in selecting profitable cattle. If you like think, moderate, and efficient cattle that will add more profit to your business, we encourage you to try our genetics in your herd.



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