Lykes Bros. Inc.




106 SW County Road 721
Okeechobee, FL 34974


Breeds Utilized


Brangus, Charolais, Angus and Beefmaster


Shipping Dates


May 15 - June 15

August 1 - September 15




Ranch History and General Information


Incorporated in 1910, Lykes Bros. Inc. is a family-owned company with over a century of history in production agriculture. Encompassing over 330,000 acres in South Florida, Lykes Bros. Inc.’s Florida Ranch operations include the nation’s 4th largest cow/calf herd, as well as sugarcane and turf grass farms, timber plantations, land leasing, and hunting.


The Lykes Bros. Inc. Ranch Division’s management philosophy is centered on vigilant stewardship of its herd and the land on which they graze. Enhanced herd nutrition, herd health protocols, herd genetics, and comprehensive land management are the core components of herd and land stewardship. These core management areas are the foundation for high-quality cattle and beef production. Proactive pasture management through a prescribed fertility and weed control program facilitates improved forage quality and superior herd nutrition. The higher plane of nutrition allows the herd to maximize the benefits of a comprehensive herd health protocol, including a biannual vaccination and deworming program for all cows, calves, and bulls. Enhanced nutrition also enables the cattle to capitalize on superior genetics obtained through the selection of structurally sound, high-performing, data-proven bulls.


In addition to enhanced management practices, the dedicated, hardworking, and skilled employees at the ranch are the key to making the rigorous management system successful. As a testament to their dedication and the Ranch Division’s success, Lykes Bros. Inc. has received numerous national and state awards including the 2010 National Cattlemen’s Beef Quality Assurance Award, 2009 National Cattlemen’s Foundation Vision Award, 2000 Region II - National Cattlemen’s Environmental Stewardship Award, and 1999 Florida Cattlemen’s Association Florida Environmental Stewardship Award.


Responsible herd and land stewardship through a well-executed management system are the keys to success in the beef industry. Over the last 100 years, Lykes Bros. Inc. has continuously endeavored to improve and refine its management system to produce the highest quality cattle and beef in the industry. The Ranch Division is proud of its cattle and is confident their buyers will be satisfied with their purchase.





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