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2037 SW 21 ST
Okeechobee, FL 34974
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863-824-0609 office




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Ranch History and General Information


Pelaez and Sons Inc is a family owned and operated business. Abel Pelaez began ranching in Colombia South America and came to the United States in the early 1950's with hopes of providing a better education and future for his family. 


The family began ranching in Palm Beach County and from there established ranches in Okeechobee County and St. Lucie County.  It was Abel's sacrifice and knowledge that provided the family with the necessary tools and abilities to keep the family business successful and growing in agriculture for over 60 years.  Pelaez and Sons Ranch is managed by Abel's son, Ralph Pelaez who continues the legacy of quality cattle and respected business ethics. Pelaez and Sons' management style has very high standards and utilizes best management practices, low stress handling, and Beef Quality Assurance methods to produce healthy, safe, and nutritious beef. 


The ranch functions as a cow calf operation raising Brangus cattle on improved pasture.  The cattle have access to free choice minerals year round and are supplemented in winter with molasses or by products. Genetics play a major role at the ranch. Bulls are selected for disposition, frame size, growth, and exceptional carcass characteristics.  The results are uniform, sound and moderately framed cattle of proven performance and eye appeal.


It has taken many years and much dedication to produce the quality of cattle that Pelaez and Sons has today and the business will continue to accept the challenge of constant improvement while watching the bottom line.













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